Emotional connection produces patient retention!
These fun videos help patients to feel included and connected to your practice!
Distinguish your practice from a commodity by connecting with your patients beyond just sending them their six month text reminders!
Being more visible and relatable develops stronger customer loyalty as these videos build upon the friendly-positive experience they received during their last visit to your office!
On these holidays, your patients will share your fun videos with their family & friends!
Place your logo image at the end of each video and start building your brand!
Delivers viewers straight to your website!*
Great team building event!
Post video greetings on social media, email, or other campaigns!*
Takes less than 30 minutes to record all ten celebrated days!
We bring all the props, cameras, lighting and sound equipment.
Call or email to schedule your recording day!
(512) 589-5861  Matthew@CattleDriveProductions.com
*Placement and delivery method of videos to your patients may depend upon your CRM and website constraints.
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